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TLC resorts, RCI, Timeshare liquidators are a fraudulent scam!!!!!

Published on 06 Feb 2019 / In Travel & Events

Update !!!!

i recently got this email. feel free to contact her
I just ran across your youtube video. I am an investigator with the Nevada Attorney General’s Office and I am conducting a criminal investigation into TLC and would like to speak to you. You can reach me at 702-486-4313.


Gayle Jacobs


Gayle Jacobs
Compliance Investigator
Office of the Attorney General
555 E. Washington Ave. #3900
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 486-4313 Fax (702) 486-0660

TLC resorts, RCI, Timeshare liquidators are a scam and fraudulent.
I'm believe I got scammed by Timeshare Liquidators LLC. here's what's been going on . So while i was in las Vegas february 2015 myself and girl got invited to see a Vacation club presentation by Timeshare liquidators in exchange for A restaurant gift card valued at $100 and 2 free tv game show tickets. We accepted the offer because, why the hell not why not get a really nice dinner. so we went to the presentation they had us spin a slot machine and they said we won a return trip to the las vegas strip and we got excited. then we sat down and listened to the presentation. I told them I was saving to buy a house and wasn't really sure if i wanted to put out extra money for a vacation membership. the salesman comes but with what appeared to be an amazing deal $5000 vacation club 20,000 point platinum membership at the cost of $1500 down and $150 a month until paid off. me and my wife thought hell yeah thats a great deal because we really like to vacation. I work as a law enforcement officer and she's a nurse so the $150 a month is completely doable and we love to vacation just because of the stress levels of our jobs. then the salesman said we are also going to throw in a 7 night cruise to the caribbean and we were like SOLD . we read the contract agreed and signed on the dotted line. well here it is almost june 2015 and we still have not received either vacation that was promised and just yesterday 4 month after i got my registration information to my RCI platinum membership and its so not what they told me it was. so far none of the available vacations are available during the summer most are on the off season over a year and a half from now and a 5 day vacation to a local location to me is averaging between 18,000 - 32,000 points so im only able to get with my points a very cheap hotel room. so I'm very disappointed i could have taken that $1500 down and bought a trip to cancun. I would have been very pleased if what was offered is evident but it's not. they gave half truths to some and straight up lied to the rest. I CAN HONESTLY SAY I PERSONALLY WOULD NOT HAVE MADE THIS PURCHASE IF I KNEW WHAT I KNOW NOW!!!!!

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