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Health, Fitness, Body Update // Gut Issues, Self Love, Big News!

Published on 27 Jun 2019 / In Sports

Health, Fitness, Body Update // Gut Issues, Self Love, Big News!


Welcome friends, today we are going to chatting about my recent health issues. I have had on going gut problems for many years now and I wanted to share my some thoughts on my experience along with some new things I am going to try out to resolve my issues.

Next I will talking about my 7 month fitness journey with strength training and calisenthics - my physique update & progress that I have made so far including fitness goals & inspirations.

Self love & self acceptance on your health or fitness journey is so important for your well being. We often times get caught up in comparing ourselves to fitness inspirations or social media influencers, taking us away from really focusing on the drive behind our choice for a healthy lifestyle - which is becoming the best version of ourselves!

What is your main drive and & focus towards improving your health and/or fitness goals?
For me when I strive to be the best version of myself, it allows for the learning process to be much more enjoyable and the background noise/negative self talk/doubts/fears to melt away.

New Announcement: stay tuned for some exciting news in relation to where I will moving to in the near

Much Love,


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