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DoorDash Driver Review - My First Day as a DoorDash Driver (Dasher) - DoorDash Promo Code

Published on 06 Feb 2019 / In Travel & Events

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Today was my first day driving for DoorDash. That's right, I became a Dasher! Being a driver for DoorDash is different than driving passengers around for Uber or Lyft. I used both of those ridesharing apps to make extra income but people just disrespected my car and time. That is the main reason I decided to change gears and try to become a courier or specialize in food delivery.

In this video I explain my first day impression working with DoorDash. I definitely had a rough start but overall, I have a very positive attitude on the future. I worked about 4 hours with 5 deliveries under my belt which made me $40.75. Of course I had a couple issues that slowed down my income and with such an early start in the morning, I was pretty much on the clock for nothing. Next time I will be sure to start a little later in the day in order to maximize my efficiency.

Thank you everyone for watching and I wish you the best of luck with DoorDash if you decide to try it out!

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Declining Orders with DoorDash - https://youtu.be/IrhnzjwkAak

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