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Animal Lover Girl Feeding Amazing Creatures But She Might Not Have Any Food Herself

Published on 02 Feb 2019 / In Pets & Animals

Book reference http://www.lulu.com/shop/igor-....kryan/cia-earth-bloo
Mary is one of the biggest animal lover and one of the shiniest star of our channel. You all like her videos that got tens of millions views combined. Yet, she is neither my wife (as many of you incorrectly guessed) nor full time star of Kryan Channel. But a very shy and humble girl who is PETA and ALF activist who has another job helping people as well. But today Mary is the one who needs help. In 2014 she was wrongfully arrested and kept for several days in cold prison cell without much clothing by corrupt Secret Service agents Faisal Alshami and Shaun Bridges in retaliation for her support of PETA and ALF animal rights activists like me. They wanted her to give false testimony against several animal rights activists. She gave them nothing despite infamous Military intelligence and CIA interrogator Robert Stemme Jr. was send to interrogate her. Robert got his fame for torturing women in Vietnam by setting naked girls on termite houses. Mary was released and never indicted. But it was not the case when Secret Service agent Shawn Bridges acting on the orders from Faisal Alshami hit her with a gun in the head and set a fire to the apartment complex hoping that it will look like an accident. But it was a cold prison cell that made her feminine problems she worse after sitting half naked on cold concrete floor. To learn more about her and other animal activists incredible true stories you can get a book at the link below the video. The irony is that she works as a heath care provider but her insurance won't pay for her health. So if her primary job insurance won't pay for surgery cowardly shielding by statues and regulations - Kryan channel will step up. From this day all 100% proceeds from our book sales will fund that surgery. Any book you get at the link below the video will fund the surgery. From this day large parts of funds we are making on YouTube Red and YouTube adds will go for the surgery. And what bothers me the most that none of her 300 facebook friends and 1,000 instagram followers send her a single penny - they just gave her post asking for some likes - like it would help. So she resorted to collecting recycling cans from trash at her free time from primary job or shoots at our channel to fund her surgery. Tell me, isn't she deserve better? If you ever cared for animals or people who protect them, help her by clicking the link above or buy a book in at the link below the video. Let us show that unlike fake facebook and instagram followers we are real YouTubers who can make a difference in this cruel world.

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